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Data Collection, Reporting & Analysis

IT-SD offers a wide range of data collection, reporting, and analyzation services. We can help your business track and manage everything from inventory, sales, expenses, customers, vendors, service providers, contractors, and employees to marketing and social media. If your business can use help with the tracking and analyzation of any operational data or services, contact us.

Sales Analysis & Projections

Collection and analysis of sales data are required to establish a company’s current and projected financial status but they can be difficult, tedious and time consuming processes to complete.

IT-SD can assist your business with a statistical review of supplies, products, customers, employees, events, sales, and marketing to let you know what performs well and what does not. If you need help collecting and analyzing your business’ sales data, contact IT-SD for a free estimate.

Expense Tracking & Analysis

Expenses are another important aspect of a business to monitor and report on. Payroll, rent, utilities, licenses, taxes, supplies and inventory all require tracking and payment. If you could use assistance recording, paying and critiquing your company’s expenses, contact IT-SD for a free estimate.

Inventory Management

If your business maintains a product and/or supply inventory, IT-SD can help manage the entire process from the scheduling, generation, and submission of purchase orders to the selection and management of vendors and storage locations.

We also offer simultaneous physical inventory and point-of-sale database inventory audits, allowing us to find and eliminate errors like incorrect product and supply inventory quantities, inaccurate or missing purchase orders, stale suppliers and products, duplicate records, and inaccurate buy and sell prices of products and supplies. If you would like to discuss how IT-SD can assist your company with its inventory management, contact us.

Customer Relationship Management

Businesses use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to perform analysis of their customers’ data to improve their relationships with their customers, specifically focusing on customer retention and fostering sales growth. If you would like to discuss how IT-SD can potentially improve your company’s sales using CRM, contact us for a free estimate.

Vendor Reports

Vendor & Service Provider Analysis

Analyzing and comparing vendor and service provider prices allows companies to obtain the best prices available for products and services. By being of aware of the options available, IT-SD can provide your business with all of the possible choices so you can make drive down costs and increase productivity and customer satisfaction. If you would like assistance reviewing the options your business has with regards to vendors and service providers, contact us for a free estimate.

Employee & Contractor Analysis

IT-SD can also assist with the recording and monitoring of employee data. The number of employees working, work days, sick days and vacation days taken in conjunction with payroll and worker productivity altogether affect the amount of work completed and the net income made from that work. If you would like to discuss how we collect and analyze your employee data to improve productivity, contact IT-SD for a free estimate.

Marketing & Social Media Analysis

Tracking and examining how well different marketing and social media campaigns affect sales is imperative when deciding how to best spend your company’s advertising budget. If you would like help monitoring and analyzing your business’ marketing campaigns, contact IT-SD.

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