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Microsoft Windows Support

Repairing and upgrading your existing Windows PCs may be a better, faster, more cost effective alternative than replacing them with new devices. Repairs and upgrades can breathe new life into aging devices, helping you keep up with the rapidly changing technology while simultaneously allowing you to extract more value from your original investment.

If you have a problem or need assistance with a computer, laptop or tablet running any version of Microsoft Windows, contact IT-SD. We provide solutions for both hardware and software issues, and provide application and cloud-based support, too. Call us today to find out how a hardware repair or upgrade can improve productivity and keep you on the cutting edge of technology without needing to purchase an entire device.

Some of our more popular services are listed below. However, even if you don’t see your problem listed below, if you have a device running Microsoft Windows and need help, contact us.

Operating System, Application & Cloud Support

IT-SD provides on-site, remote computer and telephone software support. If you have a device running any version of Microsoft Windows and need help with the operating system, an application or cloud-based services, contact us.

We can help install upgrades and updates to ensure you have the new features and best security available, remove duplicate files and unneeded programs, remove malware, assist with backups and system images, repair disk partitions, perform disk defragmentation, encrypt internal and external drives, and much more.

Malware Removal

Malware has existed for nearly 50 years and it’s inescapable now. Microsoft Windows users should never feel comfortable running systems without antivirus software with active scanners. Don’t let yourself become the next victim of a cyber attack.

If you need help protecting your devices from viruses, trojan horses, worms, rootkits and other malware, contact IT-SD.

Networking Support

IT-SD can help setup and configure your office or home network with both wired and wireless options. If you need help getting online, contact us for a free estimate. We know how to wire and program gateways, modems, routers, switches, wireless access points, wireless print servers, network access servers (NAS), ranger extenders, repeaters…everything you need to connect all of your devices to each other locally and to the internet.

Peripheral Device Support

Need assistance connecting a printer, scanner, camera, monitor, display, television, projector or other peripheral device, contact IT-SD. We have both the hardware and software knowledge necessary to get you connected. Contact us for a free estimate.

Device Backup – System Images, File History & Microsoft Cloud

Hardware is replaceable but data is not. Don’t risk permanently losing all of your documents, passwords, pictures, movies, music, files, applications and settings. If you need assistance backing up your Windows PC computer, laptop, or mobile device, contact us.

Startup, Freezing, Restarting & Blue Screen (BSOD) Support

If you are experiencing any problems starting your computer, loading Windows or keeping your computer running for any duration, contact IT-SD. We have the knowledge and tools necessary to repair the Windows operating system and the hard drive (disk) partitions to get your computer running again.

Computer Is On But Display Is Off Or Says “No Signal”

Is your computer on but nothing is being displayed on your screen, monitor, display, television or projector? If so, call or e-mail us and request a free estimate. We’ll be able to determine whether it’s a problem with the display or computer and how best to fix it.

Noisy, Hot & Dirty Computer Solutions

Dust and dirt do accumulate in computers, especially if they have one or more fans. This unwanted debris can coat and clog the internal computer components, insulating them and restricting airflow which can cause the computer to overheat, fans to spin faster, the CPU to throttle (slow down) and even possible computer damage. Cleaning (dusting) the internals of computers, including laptops, using compressed air should be performed regularly. If you believe your computer is due for a cleaning, contact IT-SD.

Cooling System and Fan Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair and Upgrades

Most computers still require some sort of cooling system, whether it be just a single fan or an entire liquid-cooled design. Dust and dirt build up, fans and other components like pumps eventually start to make noise and may even one day stop working altogether. If your computer has a problem with the cooling system or isn’t dissipating heat properly, contact us for a free estimate.

Power Supply Replacements & Upgrades

The power supply inside an electronic device is responsible for taking higher voltage AC current from an electrical outlet or generator and converting it to lower voltage DC current that is required by the internal components of a computer, phone, tablet or other similar electronic device. While many power supply components may reside directly on a motherboard or logic board, larger devices like desktop computers have separate, removable power supplies that can be replaced whenever they stop functioning properly or when a system needs more power than the current supply can generate.

Problems with a device’s power supply often result in the device shutting down and restarting unexpectedly. If you believe you may be experiencing problems with a device’s power supply, contact IT-SD for a free estimate.

Motherboard (Logic Board) Replacements & Upgrades

The motherboard, or logic board, is the main printed circuit board (PCB) that facilitates communication between the electronic components within computers, tablets, smartphones and other electronics and provides connections for external peripheral devices.

Due to the motherboard’s complexity and its interconnectivity with all major subsystems, freezes, restarts and other major errors experienced may be due to a failing or broken motherboard. If you believe your device is having problems with its motherboard, contact IT-SD for a free estimate.

CPU (Central Processing Unit, Processor) Replacements & Upgrades

In computers, smartphones and tablets the component responsible for carrying out instructions found in memory is known as the central processing unit, or the CPU. While the trend especially with portable electronics is to solder the CPU directly to the motherboard, in many cases the CPU is still removable and replaceable.

Failure of a device to start or load a usable operating system may be caused by a faulty CPU. However, it is more common to have a processor replaced when another is desired that is computationally faster, contains more internal memory (cache), supports more features or consumes less power.

If you are experiencing a problem with a device or are considering upgrading your device’s CPU, contact us.

Hard Drive Replacement

Whether you need to upgrade speed and capacity or replace a failing or non-functioning hard drive, IT-SD can find the best solution for you. We remove and replace the drive itself, install a Microsoft Windows operating system and in many cases, we can recover, backup and migrate your data from the old drive to the new one.

Fast. Convenient. Simple. That’s our hard drive replacement service. If your hard drive stops working, call us and we’ll solve the problem. We know PCs inside out.

Solid State Drive (SSD) Replacement

If you want to upgrade the capacity of or replace a failing or non-functioning solid state drive, IT-SD can find the best SSD for you. We will remove and replace the SSD itself, install a Microsoft Windows operating system and in many cases, we can even recover, backup and migrate your data from the old drive to the new one. If your SSD stops working, contact us and we’ll solve the problem. We know PCs inside out.

Random Access Memory (RAM) Replacement

Is your computer running slow, crashing or getting stuck displaying the hour glass? If so, your computer may not have enough memory. Contact IT-SD for a free diagnosis.

Video Card Replacements & Upgrades

In a modern computer, the video card is the subsystem that generates what is seen on the device’s displays such as monitors, televisions and projectors. It typically consists of it’s own graphical processing unit (GPU), high-speed memory and ports to connect to different types of displays. Video cards are often replaced whenever they fail or when more processing power is desired.

If you believe you are experiencing problems with your video card or would like to consider upgrading, contact IT-SD.

Sound Card Replacements & Upgrades

As the name suggests, a sound card is the electrical component that generates and amplifies sound so it can be exported to an amplifier or speaker system. While many sound cards are integrated into the device’s motherboard, many can be removed and replaced without the need for desoldering. Sound cards are often replaced whenever the stop working properly or when more features are required, such as new decoding software or ports for more speakers.

If you are interested in replacing a failing or inadequate sound card, contact us.

LCD Screen Replacement

Does your device have a cracked, broken or non-functioning screen? If so, IT-SD may be able to help. Contact us for a free estimate.

Laptop Keyboard & Trackpad Replacement

Does your laptop have a broken keyboard key or a malfunctioning trackpad? If so, contact IT-SD for a free estimate.

Laptop Power Connector Repair

Due to the size and weight of both connector head and the power transformer, one of the most common requested laptop repairs is to the power adapter connector. Oftentimes, the computer can be damaged if it is plugged into power and either drops to the ground while if the cable is accidentally kicked. If your laptop isn’t running off of electrical power or if the battery is no longer charging, call or e-mail us for a free estimate.

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