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Peripheral Device Support

IT-SD offers support on most computer, tablet and smartphone peripherals including keyboards, mice, trackpads, printers, scanners, displays, monitors, projectors, televisions, digital and video cameras, speakers, amplifiers, microphones and much more.

Some of our more popular services are listed below. However, even if you don’t see your problem listed below, if you have an electronic peripheral device and need help, contact us.

Printer, Scanner, Fax and Multifunction Support

IT-SD provides on-site, telephone and remote computer support for all types of printers including laser, inkjet and multifunction; and for all types of scanners including flatbed, auto document feeder (ADF) and handheld. If you need help with a printing or scanning issue, contact us. We can provide assistance with installation, setup, networking, testing, calibration and alignment, maintenance, and repair.

Input Support – Keyboards, Mice and Trackpads

Experiencing problems with a wired or wireless keyboard, mouse, trackpad, or other input device? If so, contact IT-SD for help. We’ve got the keys to your success, regardless of your type of goals.

Video Output Display Support – Monitors, Televisions and Projectors

IT-SD provides support for all types of displays including monitors, televisions and projectors. We can help with both wired and wireless implementations, as well. Whether the solution be hardware, software, or both, we’ve got the tools and the knowhow necessary to get your display to work. If you need assistance, contact us.

Video Input Camera Support – Digital, Video and Security

Support is offered for all types of digital cameras including handheld, video, IP and security systems. We can assist with installation, setup, configuration and maintenance of both wired and wireless configurations. Whether the solution be hardware, software, or both, we’ve got the tools and the knowhow necessary to get your digital camera to work. If you need assistance, contact IT-SD.

Audio Output Support – Speakers and Amplifiers

IT-SD offers audio output support including speakers, amplifiers and wireless transmitters/receivers. If you need help outputting sound from a device, contact us.

Audio Input Support – Microphones

IT-SD offers support for all types of microphones including headset, handheld, desk/stand, parabolic, boom, boundary, lavalier, body and shotgun. If you need assistance with recording sound, contact IT-SD.

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